Our products

Our products

Cedar, pine and hemlock mulches

Made with 100% wood and bark of cedar, pine and hemlock, these mulches offers many benefits to its users.

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Cedar chips

Distinctly from mulch, cedar chips are composed only of crushed cedar wood and are not mixed with the bark.

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Playground Fiber

Our fiber for playground offers a multitude of benefits that make it a must for all fun surfaces.

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Rigorous process of quality

  • Inspection of raw material upon arrival
  • Control of moisture levels of products
  • Healthy and environmental coloring of products
  • Inspection of product quality prior to bagging
  • Controlled storage

Quality is our priority!

  • These measures ensure a homogeneous quality of all products.
  • The quality process involves sampling at regular intervals, from the import site to the manufacturing site.
  • Les Mousses de l'Estrie also applies this exceptionnal quality to truck loading to the delivery of the product to the customer.

Our commitment to our customers


Our company is committed to providing you with top quality horticultural products in an environmentally responsible way.


Les Mousses de l’Estrie wants to establish long-term business partnership with you.


We want to develop relationships based on respect and knowledge sharing, thus contributing to the advancement of the horticultural industry.

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